A New Ball-toss Variation - Partner/Tennis Racket Drill

Here’s a new variation on an old-school Ball Toss drill you can use to get warmed up or dial in your footwork!

Rather than starting stationary and waiting for the “toss”, we begin by tossing the ball to a partner and get the ball back with a quick tennis hit. The purpose of this variation is to work on re-setting quickly while still attacking the shot. The throw to initiate “unsettles” the goalie out of their stance briefly, forcing them to reset and re-step when the “shot” is returned. This simulated resetting on a rebound or more frequently as we’ve “unsettled” moving along our arc and need to quickly resettle into our stance. Give it a crack, this is a great way to change up and old school drill and add a new element to focus on!

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