Ninja Mask - A Great Drill for Tracking Shots

It goes without saying, but tracking shots with our eyes all the way into our stick is a huge piece of being a CONSISTENT goalie and eliminating "weak" goals. Here's one of our Middle School goalies from yesterday's minicamp working on tracking low shots. A great drill to work on this is to use the Goalie Mask to eliminate your peripheral vision and force you to track "nose on the ball" all the way into your stick. This can be used in a number of ways, but our favorite is on low shots, where there can be a tendency to reach down and lose sight of the ball right before the save. Without full vision, you are forced to track the ball and get your head down on the shot or else you'll be flying blind to the save.

This is a great tool we love to use, and our goalies have had awesome results with these! You can grab one at or come train with us this Summer and give it a shot!

Dave PageComment