Foundation Clinic Series - Week 1

This morning, we held the first week of the inaugural Foundation Lacrosse goalie training clinic series, and we are now off and running on 15 weeks of elite position-specific training! We had 4 of our coaches working with a group of 10 goalies, and the staff did a great job for laying the foundation for the weeks to come. 

After getting an initial evaluation of where our goalies were with their stance and footwork and cleaning up any glaring issues, goalies were broken up into groups of 2 or 3 and we began our station work for the day. Today's focus was on the common trouble spots we see with Youth and High School goalies, so our 3 rotations were a Low/Bouncer progression, a drill to work on off-stick hip shots and the motion of coming underneath to make saves, and a live-shot station where goalies faced live shots from college shooters.

Next week, we will be using our HD cameras to film each of our goalies who will be with us throughout the clinics so we have a baseline of their play. We will then film again at the end of the 15 weeks, so each goalie has a clear image of all of the ways they've improved, as well as an assessment of what they've got to do to keep progressing as they head into their Spring season. We will also continue to focus on off-stick hips shots with a new, exciting drill, as well as introducing drills we will use to work with goalies on their play against inside shots, 1v1's and cross-crease footwork. If you weren't able to be with us week one, we still have space available and I know you and your young goalie will have an awesome experience, one that translates on the field when you head back with your team!


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