About Us

Our Story

Founded in 2016, Foundation Lacrosse began with the goal of fixing a problem- a void in qualified, goalie-specific training. For so long, the position has been neglected, and young goalies have been left to "figure it out" on their own with minimal guidance. The most talented goalies end up falling short of their potential, and newer goalies never get to the point where they are sound enough in the crease to actually enjoy the game. At Foundation Lacrosse, we are here to help every goalie take the next step (or three) in their development by providing the best group and individual training available, articles and blog posts on the position and game as a whole, instructional videos and anything else a goalie could need. 


Our Mission

Our mission is simple- we aim to be the best source for everything a goalie needs to be their best. Whether you are a new goalie who needs to learn the basics of footwork and positioning, an elite HS goalie who wants to get ready for the next level or a college player on break from school looking to stay sharp and work on weaknesses under a watchful eye, we have you covered. And if you aren't able to train with us for one reason or another, we still want to be your source for articles, links, videos and more that relate to the position and the game as a whole. Make us your source for all things Goalie and you won't be disappointed!