Program Partnerships

We know that Goalie Training can be tricky for youth/club programs, both because of a lack of knowledge/experience coaching the position or simply because of logistics and having 2 coaches for 25 field players and 1-2 goalies. In 2018-2019, we are excited to formally offer an "affiliate program" to help YOU, the Coaches and Directors, have more success on the field and off, by letting your "outsource" your goalie training. Our hope is that for coaches and goalies alike, this is a win-win! Coaches are freed up to do what they do best and coach the entire team, and goalies (and their paying parents...) aren't getting the short end of the stick! We offer a number of options, but are always willing to put together something specific to your needs, so please don't feel boxed in by our Affiliate Templates...we can always adjust to YOU!


Affiliate Clinic(s)

We've had such a great response to our Clinics that we've answered the demand by offering single-session or multi-session Clinics for individual Club/Rec programs. You pick the dates, give us an idea of the number of goalies and their age/experience breakdown, and we do the rest!

Our Clinics run for 2 hours, and feature a blend of the basics (footwork, technique, positioning), tons of "live" shots, and a number of our specialized drills geared to bringing the best out of each goalie. Goalies will be broken down into small groups by age/ability, and we're used to working with a wide range of ages and skill!

NOTE: We always staff for a 3:1 Goalie:Staff ratio, to ensure our ability to coach the individual throughout the day. Staffing for a 3:1 ratio ensures AT LEAST a 4:1 ratio in any given drill while freeing us to have coaches ready to pull goalies aside for more individual work when a certain drill/skill isn't "clicking". 


"Season Pass"

Each Fall and Winter, we run comprehensive 4-week and 6-week programs that are open to all local goalies. With our Season Pass option, we partner with clubs to offer ALL of their goalies admission to a full training program!

Prices are based on the number of rostered goalies for a program in increments of 4, and when a program sets up a Season Pass, their goalies will be welcome to attend any and all training session for the given period (generally a 4-week or 6-week program, but we're always happy to work with your individual programs' needs)!

Each 6-week Season Pass also entitles that program to their own Affiliate Clinic, where our staff will run a program-specific 2 hour clinic at their local field. Each goalie will also receive a personal film of their play in the cage, complete with notes from our staff of College coaches, from their Affiliate Clinic. 

This is our most popular option, and we're always excited to work with programs to create a "Season Pass" that best fits the needs of their club, goalies and families.