2018-2019 Elite Winter Shoot & Save Goalie Training - SOLD OUT

2018-2019 Elite Winter Shoot & Save Goalie Training - SOLD OUT


Foundation Lacrosse is excited to announce the return of our “Shoot and Save” Elite Winter Goalie Training for 2018-2019! Back for our second year, we’re excited to ramp up the training even further this year and bring the best training for elite goalies looking to take their game up a level for the coming season!

Each 2-hour session will be broken into two distinct segments: “Train” and “Compete”. During the “Train” segment, goalies will get warm through a series of drills, technical work and live shots. This is the portion of the training where we dial in all of the details, big and small, that make goalies great and prepare them to be successful. 

From there, we progress to the “Compete” portion, where our goalies are challenged in live-action controlled shooting drills against their peers. Each station is set up in a way that goalies are put in a position to be protected and drills are coned off to allow for our goalies to be successful. That said, this is designed to push our goalies to implement the techniques we work on in a dynamic environment, and the “Compete” segment of each session is meant to challenge goalies to be at their best in a challenging scenario. For this reason, our “Shoot and Save” program is geared to experienced goalies who are ready to step in against strong competition. 

Each session will be hosted in UPenn’s “Bubble”, THE ONLY climate controlled, full-size NCAA Regulation indoor facility in the Greater Philadelphia area! The 5-week program is meant to build from week to week so that we can layer different skills and points of emphasis on each other as we go, building towards “graduating” the most consistent, dynamic and game-ready goalie possible! If you have any questions, please reach out to Foundationlax@gmail.comor (484) 947-3201 and remember, spots are limited to 10 High School and 10 Middle School and will go quickly again this year! 


12/9    2:30-4:30pm

12/16 5-7pm

1/6      4-6pm

1/13    4-6pm

1/27    4-6pm


Penn Park

3000 Walnut Street

Philadelphia, PA 19104

Email Foundationlax@gmail.com with any questions!

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Check out the video above for a few quick clips from one of last year’s sessions!