Louisville, KY Goalie Training Day

Louisville, KY Goalie Training Day


We’re excited to bring our elite goalie-specific training to Louisville, KY for our first clinic in the Bluegrass state! On Monday July 15th, we’re coming to town with our staff of NCAA coaches and shooters to put on our extremely popular goalie training model for goalies in the Kentucky/Cincinnati area looking to take their game to the next level.

Hosted at the L4/King Louie Sports Complex with 4 Turf Fields outside and indoor turf for weather events, each session will be 2.5 hours and fast-paced, with a focus on both technical drilling and TONS of live reps against NCAA shooters.

This session will be lead by Dave Page (Coach at University of Pennsylvania) and other college coaches, goalies and shooters and will feature a 4:1 ratio to ensure both a high number of reps and quality, hands-on coaching for our goalies. Sessions will touch on all the foundational aspects of great goalie play, including:

· Stance/Footwork

· Positioning/Angles

· In-cage Athleticism

· Proper Save Mechanics

We will also work with our goalies to build the more advanced concepts that make a HUGE difference in both individual and team play:

· Elite Communication and how to direct a D for the shots you want to see

· Using positioning (not “baiting”) to set up shooters and force them to shoot where you want

· Game-like stickwork and clearing

· Situational awareness and what shots to expect in given situations

We’ll host TWO sessions, one for Middle School/Youth goalies and a separate session for High School goalies.

Date: July 15th

Times: 10am-12:30pm (Middle School) and 1:30-4pm (High School)

Location: King Louie Sports Complex, Louisville, KY

Cost: $120

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