2019 Winter Goalie Training Program - UPenn INDOOR Turf!

2019 Winter Goalie Training Program - UPenn INDOOR Turf!


Foundation Lacrosse is excited to announce our 3-week Preseason Winter Training this coming February in THE BEST facility around, UPenn’s NCAA-regulation indoor turf field! Join our dynamic college coaches and shooters for 3 sessions in February/March with the goal of improving all aspects of your game in and out of the crease, while getting yourself ready to rock for the coming Spring!

Each session will be lead by Dave Page (UPenn) and other college coaches and goalies, and we’ll maintain a 4:1 Goalie-Coach ratio at each session to ensure both a high number of reps and quality, hands-on coaching for our goalies. Sessions will touch on all the foundational aspects of great goalie play, including:

·     Stance/Footwork

·     Positioning/Angles

·     In-cage Athleticism

·     Proper Save Mechanics

We will also work with our goalies to build the more advanced concepts that make a HUGE difference in both individual and team play:

·     Elite Communication and how to direct a D for the shots you want to see

·     Using positioning (not “baiting”) to set up shooters and force them to shoot where you want

·     Game-like stickwork and clearing

·     Situational awareness and what shots to expect in given situations

Sessions will be broken up into small groups by age/experience and will utilize station-based training to keep each session fun, efficient and fresh while exposing them to new, exciting drills and lots of “live” reps. Because this is a 3-week program aimed partly towards prepping goalies to be at their best when the games begin, each week will build on the previous one to ensure they are at their best when it counts!

Dates/Times: Sunday 2/10 (6-8pm), 2/24 (5-7pm) and 3/3 (5-7pm)

Location: Penn Park Bubble @ UPenn

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