Positioning is Important, but Readiness is the Key!

Positioning in the cage is a huge part of any goalie’s success, and being in the right spot, playing angles correctly, and being aware of what a shooter sees as they wind up is key to next-level goalie play. Sometimes, however, the positioning gets all the focus while the actual READINESS of the goalie gets lost as a point of focus. If there is ONE reason that leads to goals more than any other, I’d say it is not being ready pre-shot, and whenever we are working on moving in the cage, it needs to lead to goalies being ALIGNED properly, but also READY in that alignment.

Getting from pipe-pipe on a skip pass is challenging, but once there, are we ready to re-step to the shot? Or are we loose in our stance and standing upright, or worse, STIFF and flat-footed? If so, that great lateral movement will probably not be enough to complete the process and make the save. Finish balanced, ready and aligned, and the tough saves will become much easier. As goalies, we ALWAYS want to give ourselves a chance on every shot, whether it be an easy one or a tougher one!

This is a great drill to not only get in a lot of reps in a short period of time for multiple goalies, but to force them to move quickly into position and then immediately re-step to the shot. If they’re not landing in a ready position, that second step won’t be sharp and will quickly get exposed!


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Dave Page