COACHES CORNER: Sharpening Technique and Quickness to the Off-Hip

For many goalies, offstick-hip is a big trouble spot. A great little drill to really hammer home some technical cues and general quickness is this “Partner Ball-Drop” drill. This is very simple, and the key “coaching cues” are: - come UNDERNEATH to the ball, don’t stab down to it with your hand
- Follow the hand with your head, thinking “nose on the ball”
- While you don’t need a full step every time, maintain athleticism and stay in the balls of your feet!
- Meet the ball AWAY from the body, not tight where we are handcuffed

This is a great one do include in a routine that your goalies can partner up and do during dead time at practice, or as a warmup w a partner while the other goalie is getting live shots!

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Dave Page