Week 5 Wrap Up

The coaches directing the goalies through a series of stations.

The coaches directing the goalies through a series of stations.

This Sunday (12/18) we had a great turnout for Week 5 of the Dave Page Goalie Clinics at 360 Sports (@360SportsPa) in Chester Springs, with a bunch of talented goalies out to get their last work in before we take a break for two Sundays for the Holidays. The goalies are all doing a great job of putting into practice what they've learned from their film breakdowns, and things are primed to wrap up after the break.


High School 1: 15 minutes of Dodges from Behind // We have not as of yet spent much time on dodges from the behind the cage, which is especially important for our high school goalies, who will begin to see dominant attackmen dodging upfield as shooters. At the younger ages, attack dodges that end in good shots tend to be more of 1 on 1’s, where the HS-age goalies will start to see attackmen who are good shooters off the dodge because better defenders have forced this ability. We will eventually add a shooter up top so the goalies can defend the dodge or a skip pass.

High School 2: 7 minutes of Agility, 7 minutes of Goalie Wall-Ball // We will continue to work on our agility, conditioning and athleticism most weeks, this week focusing on our reaction time out of our stance using a ball-drop drill. After that, we will then work on the goalie wall-ball drill, where the goalies have an attack stick in their hands, firing shots to themselves as they get progressively closer and closer.

Middle School 1: 15 minutes of Screen Shots // We will return to a drill from Week 1, where goalies work to fight through the physical and mental distress caused by screened shots in front of the cage. Two goalies will wave their sticks as a coach shoots through to a goalie in the cage. This time, we will have a 4th goalie standing on the pipe as a finisher, so the goalie in the cage has to stay balanced for an occasional inside feed.

Middle School 2: 7 minutes of Cone Footwork, 7 minutes of Butt End Saves // Since this week we have taken a break from walking the line, we will get our footwork in during a new variation of a cone drill. Each goalie will have 3 cones in front of them (L, R and C) and will work through imaginary shots, just like in walking the line, but with an emphasis on keeping their toes pointed square to a cone each time. After this, they will partner up and work on a butt-end ball toss drill, to use their footwork to get their body behind the “shot”, while also driving their hands to the ball.

10:15-10:30 Second Rotation

10:30-10:45 Third Rotation

10:45-11:00 Fourth Rotation

At the end, we wrapped with a full-field transition stickwork/1v1 drill, and goalies got a chance to work on their clearing while also getting a chance to shoot on each other to wrap things up before we head into the Holiday Break!

We will be starting back up at 9am on Sunday, January 8th, and if you haven't been training with us yet, now is the time before we do our next round of Film Work on January 15th! Also, if you are looking to get in extra work over break with one of our coaches, we offer Private Lessons and can train out of 360 Sports in Chester Springs, or we will come to you in Chester, Montgomery and Delaware Counties, as well as Lancaster and the Lehigh Valley!

Dave Page